Since 1989 Szilvia has been involved in International Competition Level Orientation Diving, and has logged close to 5000 dives, including training, competition, and recreational dives. She decided to travel around the world and make a living of scuba diving right after she finished college. Szilvia has lived and taught scuba all around Europe, Australia and Asia. In 2003 she became a Course Director. She is proud to be the youngest female world-wide ever excepted to become a PADI Course Director (the highest rating an Instructor can achieve). She teaches dive instructor courses for the LAPD Dive Unit leaders, works as a safety and stunt diver in the motion picture industry. Recently she worked on Dexter, Sinister, Green Hornet, Piranha 3D, Flash Forward, Desperate Housewives and doubled Drew Barrymore for her latest movie, Big Miracle.

She loves to travel off the beaten path to expose herself to anything new and unusual, as she believes this is how we learn more about local culture and people. You can see some of her pictures at She is a founder of Miss-Scuba, the online resource for female divers. Miss Scuba is a culture of its own; an expression of free will, untamed souls, a rebellion against mediocrity and the yearning for finding adventure and excitement in life.

Szilvia takes great pride in designing and creating unique, one of a kind jewelry inspired by the ocean and creatures living in it for her Gogh Jewelry Design. Each hand-crafted piece reflects the artist’s sense of mystery and individuality, and beckons the free spirit in every self-made woman.

Specialities & Credentials

  • PADI Course Director
  • PADI Specialty Instructor Trainer
  • EFR Instructor Trainer
  • DAN Instructor Trainer
  • Dive Travel Specialist
  • SAG Member
  • Stunts and Water Safety