Shawna McLean
President, Ocean Adventures Dive Club


I learned to dive in the Philippines in 1983 when I was a foreign exchange student. I dove sporadically in the following years, but the turning point came while I was gearing up for a trip to Bonaire in 2004 and visited Ocean Adventures. The owner Steve Ladd and his staff were so helpful and passionate about diving when I returned they helped me finish my advanced course. Over the next three years I dove all over Southern California and the Caribbean with Ocean Adventures while continuing my dive training. Steve Ladd encouraged me to become a Dive Master, he thought I had a natural ability for helping new divers. My special skill as a DM is my ability to empathize with divers struggling with a skill or a fear, because I was once that student. I find it very rewarding to see those same students beaming with accomplishment once they've completed their first open water dive.

What sets Ocean Adventures divers apart from other dive facilities, is that through training and by example, Ocean Adventures staff inspires every diver to become a steward of the Ocean.

Specialities & Credentials

  • President, Ocean Adventures Dive Club
  • Dive Master