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The Kelp Project Starring The Santa Monica Baykeeper

12 Jan 2015

The Kelp Project Starring The Santa Monica Baykeeper

Hilaire Brosio shot and produced this piece for the Kelp Project and the Santa Monica Baykeeper. The Kelp Forest is essential to so many species in our ocean. It is just as amazing and glorious as the Amazon Rain Forest or the Sequoia’s. Presently a burgeoning sea urchin population is threatening our kelp forests. Fortunately The Santa Monica Baykeeper and the Kelp Project are doing something about it.

Tom Ford and Brian Meux, from the Santa Monica Baykeeper, take us on a tour of the kelp forest and show us how they are making every effort to help the kelp forest regenerate and flourish. Barrett Yeretsian and Adrienne Woods provided the score for the piece while John Berlin from Deva Studios created the graphics.