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California Local Trips: Guided Dives

Anacapa Island Scuba Diving

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California offers some of the most spectacular recreational diving in the world and we, in Southern California are blessed with a chain seven islands known as the Channel Islands; all of which offer world-class diving. Catalina, Santa Cruz and Anacapa are favorites among local divers.

Catalina Island, our closest and only populated island, offers year-round recreational activities. Its waters are highly protected and therefore offer a spectacular opportunity to experience a kelp forrest with a dense concentration of marine life in a safe environment.

The team of highly trained professionals at Ocean Adventures would like to introduce you to our unique underwater realm. We specialize in one-on-one and small group guided dives to maximize safety and ensure a day of unforgettable memories.

Explore California’s Underwater Realm

There are two ways to explore Southern California’s underwater realm. Diving off a boat cruising to the Channel Islands or by taking a ferry to the Catalina Island Dive Park. Most dive sites are rocky reef areas with a variety of plant life and kelp forests. Sea life includes a large array of colorful fish, seals and sea lions, bat rays, lobsters, octopus and countless other creatures.

Catalina Island Dive Park

Catalina Island Dive Park: We begin our journey, via the Catalina Express ferry, to the city of Avalon on Catalina Island. There we will have close access to restrooms, air fill stations and lots of great restaurants. Conditions permitting, two dives are the order of the day.

After the dives, we shed our gear,  and normally have time for a leisurely stroll to downtown Avalon. There, shops and restaurants line the waterfront and offer a variety of unique gifts and culinary delights. The day ends with a ferry ride back to the mainland.

Locally Chartered Dive Boat

Most of our partner boats will dive the Northern Channel Islands as well as some very specially located advanced trips.

When diving the Northern Islands, Anacapa Island is the first choice. It’s the closest island offshore, just an hour and 15 minutes from the harbor. Anacapa also has a marine protected area over the entire north side where sea life flourishes including kelp forests. It is home to sea lion and harbor seal colonies. Santa Cruz is the second island in the Northern Channel Island group just 20 minutes beyond Anacapa. Ultimately the dive sites are dependent on the overall best conditions for the day.


All in all, either option will be an unforgettable day few people will ever experience. Our highly trained team of professionals will safely guide you through your dives and love to share their passion for diving.

You will find our boat trip schedule in our calendar. If the dates you need are not scheduled for a charter boat, we can still arrange a day of diving for you around Catalina Island’s Kelp Forest in the “Dive Park”.


Price Options for Guided Dives


Private Diver : this is a one-on-one guide. This is the best option if you have no experience diving in California or colder water. This option is also best if you do not have a flexible schedule. You can choose almost any day of the year, just ask! Should you need rental gear, please budget $50 extra.

* One Diver $285 + boat fee (averages about $140/person) 
* Two Divers $385 + boat fees (averages about $140/person) 


Group Diver:  this is a more economical option for certified divers that are not yet comfortable diving without a dive professional. We specialize in small groups and will help guide you through each dive site, remind you to check your air and give you pointers that you may have forgotten since your training.

*This is not a refresher and you must be a certified diver.

Limited availability and specific dates only– 2018: 3/24, 4/29, 5/26, 6/30, 7/15, 8/19, 9/29, 10/14, 11/10

* $50 per diver + boat fee and rental gear. Check out our calendar for specific dates and boat fees. 

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For more information or to book your guided dive, please call Ocean Adventures at 310.578.9391. Our instructors will be happy to clarify any questions you have. Thank you for choosing Ocean Adventures!