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PADI specialty course ocean adventures


Ocean Adventures Dive Company offers a complete line of diving gear available for renting. We feature top brand manufacturers and provide complete service to ensure everything is in working order. Below is a list of our rental rates.

Equipment1 DayEach Additional Day1 Week
Hooded Vest5320
Regulator with Gauges151060
Airtank with Air10840
Weigh Belt8530
Full Package Rental(Includes all items listed above)5035210
Dive Computer2520100
Underwater Torch10850
Dry Suit with Undergarment7550300
Double Airtanks2520100
Snorkel Package(Includes mask, fin, snorkel)3520100
Deep Sea Supply Backplate3520100
Hooka Regulator (25 ft hose)7550300


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For more information about Scuba Equipment Rental please call Ocean Adventures at 310.578-9391. Our instructors will be happy to clarify any queries you have. Thank you for choosing Ocean Adventures!